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Home Grown & Free To Roam

You can feel good about your purchases when you buy from us! Everything we sell is grown and produced on our 100 acre farm. 
We grow, gather, cook, bottle, and label everything ourselves. When we say straight from the farm, we mean it!

Get to Know Us

We are located in Laurel County, KY.  Retired from the Navy we moved to Kentucky, the most beautiful state in the country, to live our dream of farming. Along the adventurous road of learning to farm, we also came across an old Appalachian recipe for Hickory Syrup. We were blessed to have an abundance of Shagbark Hickory Trees and fell in love with the idea of bringing this old time syrup back. We’ve been making a name for ourselves in our little community with that syrup and we are truly grateful!

After a year or so of selling our syrups we decided to put our fresh garden herbs to use and from that idea came our Herb Infused Olive Oil. We've recently branched into Bourbon Vinegar, and Mushroom Extracts. Our mushroom are cultivated, not foraged, and only the best strains make it into our grow house. These are purely functional mushrooms focused on possible health benefits.
Just like cultural heritage and roots are important to us, so is the welfare, and lives, of the animals we raise. Our chickens, guinea, pigs, goats, and sheep are all free range, pecking and rooting through 100 acres of lush forest trees. Most of their diet comes from fresh grasses, acorns, hickory nuts, black walnuts, berries, and wild apples.
Along with our farm animals, we have 10 dogs (mostly rescues) 2 Cats, and 5 grown kids. Life can be crazy, hectic, funny, and wild on a farm, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 


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Made here on the farm from our Shagbark Hickory trees.  This recipe is straight out of old Appalachian history! Connect with your ancestors and Kentucky's cultural roots, while marveling over how good it is! Sweet and versatile, with five different flavors to choose from, no wonder it's our best seller. Great on ice cream, pancakes, and bbq too!
Need recipe ideas? Check out our blog!



Anyplace you use olive oil, use this instead. It will bump all of your favorites up to wonderful! French bread, salad, roasted vegetables all with the added depth of a fresh herb infusion. Made here on the farm with our home grown herbs and imported Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Mushroom Tinctures

From $12.00




For thousands of years cultures around the world have believed in the use of mushrooms to help with various ailments; Immune boosting, digestion, focus, and circulatory support, just to name a few!
We grow all of these mushrooms ourselves, and do a double extraction process to ensure the the finest quality. 
If you're like us, and think those folks might be on to something, head over to our shop!
(These are functional mushrooms, not whacky ones.)


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Bourbon Vinegar!



Brand New!

Zesty and sweet! Use it as a salad dressing, a marinade, or drizzled over your favorite cold cut sandwich, you'll love it!
Pair this with our Herb Infused Olive OIl for a fantastic dressing.

*This can not be used for pickling, the vinegar acidity is not high enough.



Farm Tours

Education! Sharing what we've learned along the way, that's where our heart is. Do you have questions on how to raise your pigs?
Hydroponic gardening? Growing your own mushrooms? We love giving folks farm tours. There's no charge, you just need to give us a call, or send us a text 606-401-7155

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Pasture raised Katahdin lamb. The Katahdin lamb is known for its high quality, naturally lean meat. It is a superior quality meat consistently offering a very mild flavor. 
We sell lambs for your own stock or if you prefer we can raise them up for you.
  Our next lambing season will be Feb 2024



We raise  Heritage Breed Tamworth pigs both as breeding stock and feeders. 
Their meat is known for its great taste, being a leaner pork, with a wonderful texture. They are the preferred pork by top chef's. "A Bristol University taste test, under scientifically controlled conditions, rated Tamworth meat as the best when compared with other rare breeds and commercial pork. " This is due to their natural propensity for foraging and body shape. Our pigs are free ranging, with the majority of their diet coming from Hickory nuts, Acorns, berries, and grasses. Small amounts of supplemental feed as needed. 
For breeding they make wonderful mothers, are docile, loving pigs, with tons of comedic flare. If you are considering adding pigs to your farm we highly recommend the Tamworth.

2023: All our pork shares, gilts, and feeders have been sold.

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What Visitors Are Saying About Us

My whole family loved all their syrups! Much better quality and flavor than anything you can buy in a store!
Melissa Reece

Recently had lamb from Hansen’s Harvest and can’t say enough about quality of the meat and the folks that run the farm. Price was right and farm raised makes all the difference. Delicious!
Jim Justet

Love their syrups, goes great with pancakes! And I've never had mushrooms like theres before!
Matthew Messerly

It’s truly the best syrup EVER!! I had never even heard of hickory syrup before. Now you have ruined me and I just don’t like maple syrup anymore I mean, I’ll eat it, but not if I have yours!!!
Kandi Ramsey

The quality of the lamb is first class. A family favorite for all occasions. The leg of lamb was almost prime rib like. I couldn't believe how good it was. 
And Josh was easy to work with, ensuring a great product from his farm to our table.
Nathan Stewart



Tamworth Pigs
We do not currently have any pigs available. We are expecting a litter in February 2024. If you'd like to be on the list for those please contact us!
Katahdin Lamb
We do not currently have any lambs/sheep for sale. Lambing season will be happening Feb 2024
If you're interested in a lamb share, 1/2 or whole lamb, it's $6.00 a pound, hanging weight, includes processing, which will happen from October through December.
Also excellent if you are looking for a ram to sire your herd, want to raise your own for processing, or just need a lawn mower.

Original Hickory
Vanilla Bourbon

Extra Virgin Olive Oils:
Basil.... sold out
Italian Blend: Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano

Bourbon Vinegar
Mushroom Logs
Grow your own mushroom kits. We sell out of these as fast as we can produce them.  Contact us to be one of the first we contact as they're ready! 

Mushrooms Extracts: Lion's Mane, Reishi, Oyster, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail



Free shipping when you spend $30.00!

*If a bottle arrives broken, or is the wrong product, we will replace it for free if you let us know within 5 days!




London, KY

Call or Text us at: 606-401-7155

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