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Farm Fresh Eggs!

Do your eggs look like this? They should! And we can make that happen!

Why buy farm eggs vs store bought eggs?

They are so much fresher! Like, laid that day or the day before!

You're supporting a farmer!

You're supporting happy hens! Our chickens go into a coop at night, but spend their days everywhere and anywhere they want, n0 fencing! That also makes for some tasty eggs!

What about health?

Did you know:

According to

, “Researchers found that one pasture-raised egg contains twice as much omega-3 fat, three times more vitamin D, four times more vitamin E and seven times more beta-carotene than eggs from hens raised on traditional feed.”

So really the question is: Why the heck are you buying store bought eggs when you can buy from Hansen's Harvest, right here in London, KY! $2.50 a dozen

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