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How Do I know If It's Really Local?

It's hard isn't it? We want to buy local! We want to support farm to table! We stop at a stand on the side of the road, or maybe it's at a flea market, or even something titled a farm store, so it must be, right? Except there's that niggle in the back of our brain wondering how they have apples, peaches, and mango's in March. We look around and there's lots of signs implying that everything came from their farm, or locally. Ask yourself if it's something in season in your area. I've included a guide for Kentucky below. It isn't impossible that it is local, but it's time to ask questions! How did they grow it? Greenhouses? Dwarf trees? How did that late freeze affect them? If the answers don't make sense, then unfortunately, we need to be wary. Farm to table has become quite popular, thankfully, but some people are cashing in on the idea of it. They might grow some of their own produce and then buy apples on sale, break them into packaging and charge you for it. It isn't that nothing is local, it's that while they make it seem like EVERYTHING is, it really isn't. Take the time to investigate. You're going out of your way to buy from the farmer, let's make sure that you really are!

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