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Why Kentucky?

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

My husband retired from the Navy after almost 30 years! We had lived and traveled literally all over the world. We moved here from Hawaii. You can imagine a lot of people ask, "Why Kentucky?" We chuckle. Hawaii is a great place to visit, but not to live... unless you live on a smaller island and have an amazing amount of money, it's just not that great. Kentucky though... it's one of the most beautiful places we've been. It's green, lush, rolling hills, ridges, streams, lakes, abundant wildlife, and full of country charm. The people. We have lived in areas with friendly people. We have lived in a lot of areas with not so friendly people. Kentucky takes the cake though. Everyone visits with you; at the grocery store, at the gas station, you can be here for a day and feel like you've already made ten friends.

The climate. Kentucky really does has four full seasons. I know people think summer year round sounds great, but it really isn't... at least not to us. We love every season and want to experience it. Trust me you can get pretty tired of being hot every single day! The food. Seriously ya all, Kentucky has got some great food! Local dishes, local restaurants, and amazingly diverse dishes and places. Food!

We love it here! In fact have already recruited four more people into moving here so it's safe to say we aren't going anywhere!

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