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Grow These Guys On Your Counter!

What in the world is that crazy thing? Mushroom logs! I'm going to take you all the amazing journey of growing gourmet mushrooms on your counter! Go from this... to these scrumptious, healthy sandwiches, in your very own kitchen!

The first step is easy... buy a log! You can get one from us, or other mushroom growers. We don't recommend the one's from big box stores as they tend to be quite old, and won't fruit.

Those are pretty cool pictures, right? So what's step two to getting my own crop of mushrooms, right at home?

Easy, put them in a pan with a small bit of water. Step three? This is where it gets complicated, right? Nope! Spritz them with water. Yep, that's it! Take a spray bottle with distilled water and mist them periodically through out the day.

This is a GREAT thing to do with kids! They love getting to spray something, and then when they start seeing them grow, they'll really get on board!

See the mushrooms already popping out? That's how fast they grow! Those awesome sandwiches are coming soon! These pictures are 24 hours later: The left are King Blue Oyster, the right are Shitake.

And the next day?

And 48 hours later? We were using this one sautéed with butter, onions, tomatoes, and egg on Rye toast with basil for breakfast. SO SOOO good!

Mushrooms are amazingly healthy for you, and have a wide range of flavors. You don't have to wait until spring to be growing and eating your own produce!

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