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Braised Apple and Vanilla Porkchops

I did these on a cast iron skillet, but you can also do them in a pan in your oven. 1. Pour Olive oil in the skillet. 2. Start the skillet heating on medium high heat 3. Clean and cut fat from the chops 4. Put in pan and sear for 4 or 5 minutes 5. Flip the chops and sear for a couple more minutes 6. Turn heat down to Medium, or Medium low 7. Drizzle with Hansen's Syrup. I used Vanilla, but any of our flacors would be amazing! 8. Sprinkle with BBQ seasoning of your choice. 9. Slice an apple into thin pieces. I used a Honeycrisp, but any type would be tasty! 10. Slide the apple slices around in the pan so they pick up the seasoning and any extra syrup. 11. Place apple slices on top, 12. Check your temp! They should be 145! Serve! I made these with green beans and a sweet potato!

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