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Easy Pasta

You've probably figured out that while I love to create amazing meals, I do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If I see 10 steps listed, I skip the recipe. So here we go with easy, awesome pasta! What you need:

1 box of rigatoni

1 pound of sausage (or whatever ground meat you want to use, OR go vegetarian and skip the meat!) 1 can Original, Low Salt Rotel diced tomatoes (drained) Parmesan Cheese Hansen's Harvest Herb Infused Olive oil

Instructions: Cook the pasta according to the directions. In other words boil it in a pot =) Cook the ground meat. In other words, brown it up in a frying pan. Drain the pasta and put it back in the pot. Mix in the sausage Mix in the Rotel tomatoes Drizzle the olive oil over it. This is probably the total of about 2 tablespoons, maybe 3. Mix it all up. Add Parmesan and serve. Done and Awesome! Sides Options: Salad topped with parmesan and our olive oil. Sliced tomatoes with parmesan and our olive oil. Garlic bread Loaf of french bread, sliced, with our olive oil spread onto it via a basting brush. then fresh garlic spread over that.

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